Day: August 17, 2020

DIA Data Lists on KuCoin and BitMAXDIA Data Lists on KuCoin and BitMAX

Cryptocurrency DIA is an open-source oracle platform based around providing for DeFi applications, and protocols. Launching on the 3rd of August this month it has worked its way up to a price of $2.82 at the time of writing.

Previously being traded on Uniswap, a handful of smaller decentralized and centralized exchanges and recently Poloniex. After being teased via the official DIA Twitter account Today it was announced that DIA would be listed on both KuCoin and BitMAX.

Trading will begin for DIA on KuCoin on August 18th at 5AM CET. DIA will be tradeable against both BTC and USDT.

While on BitMAX trading will begin at 5AM CET and will be tradeable against USDT

BitMAX and KuCoin are so far the largest exchange to launch DIA with the announcements for both listings being only 5 hours apart.

After the KuCoin announcement price rallied from $2.67 to just shy of $3 with price now retracing slightly to $2.82

Derivatives Trading Continues to Etch Away at Spot MarketsDerivatives Trading Continues to Etch Away at Spot Markets

July was another big month for cryptocurrency trading. Bitcoin rose from its previous months slumber breaking sharply above 10000$ and DeFi had another month of craziness.

It was also a big month for cryptocurrency exchanges as revealed by CryptoCompare’s monthly exchange review. One of the most noteworthy events highlighted is the continued trend of increase in derivatives trading as a percentage of overall cryptocurrency trading.

In June of 2020 derivatives trading represented 38% of overall trading. In July that was 41%. This percentage increase came as overall spot volumes fell 0.5% to just shy of $640 billion while overall derivatives volumes rose 13.2% to $445 billion.

On the 27th of July derivatives also made a new all time high for trading in a day with $46.91 billion being traded in 24 hours. The top 4 exchanges Huobi, Binance, OKEx, and BitMEX represented 90% of this days trading volume.

Some other noteworthy points made in CryptoCompare’s report are the new all time high in options trading on Deribit which recorded new highs in terms of Bitcoin options trading within a single day and over the month.

The new daily trading record tripled the previous one coming in at a new high of $585 million while the new monthly high was set at $4.07 billion surpassing the previous high of $3.06 billion.

Deribit Options Volume

What was also interestingly outlined in the report is that in the same time period options trading on the CME dropped 70.3%.

CME Options Volume