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BTSE Donates 80000$ to the BTCPay ProjectBTSE Donates 80000$ to the BTCPay Project

BTSE, a derivatives exchange which focuses on futures trading, launched in 2019 has announced today it will be donating 80000$ to the open source peer to peer payments processors BTCPay.

The entirety of the 80000$ will be given to one of the main contributors of the project Andrew Camilleri. Also going by the name ‘Kukks’. The donation will enable Kukks to work full time on the project. In BTCPay’s blog post Kukks shares his own thoughts.

Even though it’s been rough financially, it was worth it. I’ve learned more in this past year and a half than I have in my entire career combined, all thanks to BTCPay Server and its community.


BTCPay which is entirely supported by donations describes itself as “an open source, self-hosted payment processor for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies”. The main aims of the project are to eliminate fees, KYC, and middlemen when transacting Bitcoin. All things we associate with typical payment processors.

BTSE joins a collection of 5 other corporate entities supporting the BTCPay project. Alongside community donations. CEO of BTSE, Johnathan Leong had this to say on Twitter.

We see @BtcpayServer as an important infrastructure within #Bitcoin‘s ecosystem, and we want to support its development.

Johnathan Leong – CEO of BTSE

Bitcoin was and is founded on community, charity, and voluntary work. It’s encouraging to see the continuity of these principles all these years later.