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BitcoinSV Rallies 25% With Coingeek Conference on the HorizonBitcoinSV Rallies 25% With Coingeek Conference on the Horizon

BitcoinSV (BSV) has been shrouded in controversy over the past few months. One of the leading figures within the BSV camp and alleged creator of Bitcoin, Craig Wright has been involved in a number of legal battles. The main one being the Dave Kleiman estate case which alleges that Craig Wright infringed on Kleimans intellectual property to Bitcoin and defrauded him of Bitcoins.

The judge presiding over the case ordered that Craig Wright pay half of his Bitcoin mined between 2009-2013 to Kleiman. However Judge Reinhart stated the court was not required to state whether Craig was Sathoshi Nakamoto or not, or the amount of Bitcoin that Craig Wright has control over.

Craig Wright also tried to sue Peter McCormack of the ‘What Bitcoin Did’ podcast for libel in the UK.

However has BSV turned a corner? Seemingly so. As of writing BSV is up over 25% against Bitcoin on the day.


BSV also has some key fundamental events ahead which may contribute to the surge. The standout being the Coingeek conference on February 20th. Coingeek conferences are the major show pieces for BSV throughout the calendar year and highlight many future improvements to the BSV network and community. Previous Coingeek conferences have caused large price rallies.

Further, BSV has the Genesis hardfork occurring on February 4th. This fork will remove pay to script hash (P2SH). This came after Bitcoin developer Gregory Maxwell pointed out that it could be exploited via replay attack. The attack is done via a transaction being broadcast on BSV could risk being replayed on the BTC chain. However, the attack would require a dishonest miner to cooperate.

Upcoming BSV Events

Maxwell was harshly criticized within the BSV community for failing to responsibly disclose this exploit, pointing out in his posts how to carry out the attack. Craig wright also described P2SH and Softforks in general as “Cancers”.

Though BSV is up and 25% and seems to have turned a corner hostilities between the different Bitcoin camps remains as potent as ever.